Did you know some turtles can breathe through their butts?

Maggie knows, and to her utter horror, she just blurted that out in front of the most attractive woman she’s ever seen. Cue the nervous flop sweat.

In a tiny town on the coast of Rhode Island, Maggie has built a quiet life running her family’s bookshop. But as much as she loves her work—and the eclectic town she calls home—something is missing. Then one day, an absolute smoke show walks through the front door and throws Maggie off her (arguably, very small and unreliable) game.

Parker’s entire life blew up a few months back when she walked away from her home, her job, and her longtime girlfriend, all in a single day. 

When a new job presents itself two states over, she jumps at the chance for a fresh start, deciding to avoid romance altogether this time around. But, because life always has a way of knocking Parker on her ass, she finds the most alluring, adorably nervous woman standing behind the register of a local bookshop. 

Add in that Maggie’s over a decade younger than Parker and has a really hard time finishing a sentence around her, and everyone ends up flustered.


This book contains snark, lesbian age gap butterflies, husbands you'll fall in love with, and just so much gay panic. Please read at your own risk.


We're A&K, a married couple living in central Texas. We've always been avid readers of lesbian, queer, wlw fiction but never succeeded at writing it ourselves. At least, until we tried writing together.

K crafts scenes in her head like she's watching a TV. A writes the prose, doing everything she can to create something that will make her wife laugh.

In our books, you will never find discrimination. Be it homophobia, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, or any other form of hate, we've made the conscious decision to create a world without it.

There is enough pain already in the world. Our goal is to give you stories that are easy, fun, and comforting. A deep breath in when you need it.

Please know this…

Like everyone else, we are always learning and growing. If you see something in our books that's problematic, a perspective we haven't considered or treated without the care it deserves, please reach out. We want to know and we value your voice.

 Thank you for reading!

When we were first writing together, K would always put music in the background while we worked. We'd come up with characters or plot points to the sounds of Vance Joy and Hozier and Tegan and Sara. Gradually she started building full playlists for each book, which became the soundtrack that A listened to on repeat as she wrote. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

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